I am honored you are here.

The hardest part is done, you are now on the quest of healing and diving deeper into YOU! Tapping into the embodiment of your soul’s purpose allows you to stand in your truth and align with the divine energy that is you.

As a true native to Fort Worth, Texas, I am a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife, an animal mother, and a plant mother.

Over the past decade,
I have evolved and built my brand as: 
•200 Hour RYT Yoga Teacher
•Reiki Master
•Spiritual Healer | Teacher | Advisor
•Intuitive & Psychic
•Medium Clairvoyant              
              With 33 years of continued       
               development and practice. 

Within each session, I will guide you to clear blockages and past traumas so you can move freely in your body, mind, and spirit. The clarity we receive when we remove the patterns that hold us back, clears the path for us to create the ultimate experience we are meant to have in this life.

This work is my calling and my soul’s journey. I receive joy in aiding you to clear and realign your current life’s path which gives you the opportunity to cultivate a foundation within the present moment and lead into the future you.