Reiki Training & Certification

Reiki Level 1 Training is where everyone begins, even those on a professional path. Reiki level 1 is where everyone begins the foundation to healing self and others.

The first level sets the foundation to an ancient teaching and opens you to Universal life force energy. During the immersion course, you will learn techniques to connect with (and maintain your connection with) Reiki.
If your journey includes an authentic desire to feel greater inner balance, vitality and harmony using Reiki as a tool, you are in the guided to do this work. Your Reiki practice at this level is primarily for you and your loved ones – children, pets, plants, and gardens included!

Your investment in this Reiki Training Course with First Degree Certification include:
~Principles of Energy Medicine
~The Reiki path and its 5 Precepts
~Cultivating Healing Touch
~Ethics and Boundaries
~Guided Meditation, Crystal Frequencies and Herbal Oil Anointment
~Reiki 1 Attunement
~Practice: Self-Treatment & Treating Others

Mentoring and Hands On Treatments: Offering Sessions to Loved Ones A hands-on Reiki treatment by myself and fellow trainees (to learn how to use your gifts)
~Reiki 1 manual to guide your home practice.
~Parting Mementos to help maintain and sustain your personal Reiki practice.
~Internationally recognized certificate of completion (necessary to progress to Reiki Level 2, with me or any other Reiki Master teacher). Investment: starting at $275.

Reiki Level 2 Training is truly meant for practitioners who felt like their Level 1 experience was an “awakening into their abilities” and would like to expand their study and further their practice. With Reiki Level 2, you learn to offer distant, non-touch Reiki treatments, as well as specific techniques to enhance your hands-on Reiki healing sessions with others. You will also learn tools to take your personal Reiki practice much deeper. Level 2 practitioners are often recognized as Reiki professionals and may charge for their services in many areas, depending upon licensing requirements.

Prerequisite: Reiki Training Level 1.

~Your investment in this class includes the following:
~Reiki Level 2: Mental and Emotional body
~Reiki Symbols: Meaning, Use & Activation Guided meditation, Crystal Frequencies and Herbal Oil Anointing ~Reiki Level 2 Attunement
~Practice w/ Reiki Symbols and Distance Healing – past, present, future
~Ethics and Boundaries
~Reiki Treatments: How to Conduct a professional Hands On and distance
~Reiki Session Mentoring: How to Integrate Reiki 2 into your professional healing arts or home practice
~Guided Reiki Sessions in person with self and other fellow students to enhance and guide your practice.
~Reiki Level 2 handbook to guide you in your personal and professional practice.
~Parting mementos, to help support your new level of practice.

Internationally recognized certificate of completion (necessary to progress to Advanced courses, including Reiki Master Practitioner / Teacher, with me or any other Reiki instructor).

Investment: Starting at $375 (this allows you to add this wonderful gift to your offerings as a healer). 

Please note: Cancelation Fees will apply due student materials.