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Erin Moore

I don’t have the words to fully express how beneficial my sessions have been with Julia on my healing journey…not only do I feel balanced, aligned & lighter when I leave her Reiki sessions, I also feel inspired, loved & supported. If you are waiting to make an appointment, this is your sign to do it now. Julia is a gift. I am so grateful for her in my life ❤️

Kara Keith

My time spent with Julia was really powerful. She is so intuitive and tapped in. I highly recommend her reiki sessions. She is truly gifted

Lindsey Akey

Julia is a complete magic maker. My numerous reiki and sound healing sessions with her have changed my life in incredible ways. It’s unbelievable the intuitive hits she gets. She’s warm, welcoming and her space is so cozy. Whether she’s picking the most beautiful crystals, performing reiki magic or soothing with sound bowls she’s truly one of a kind. I’ve told all my friends about her and now when we get together we swap stories of our spiritual experiences with Julia.

Katie Adkinson

Look no further for your spiritual healing! I cannot emphasize enough how much Julia is the real deal. My first Reiki session with her was a HUGE eye opener for me. It transpired during a time in my journey where I was experiencing the worst burnout imaginable in all aspects of my life. As an ER nurse, I am a scientist and skeptic by nature. However, after starting this journey with Julia, I was humbled by my naïveté about how the spiritual universe works, the impact my energy has in every area of my life, as well as how our own frequency can attract good & bad energy. Upon raising my awareness in everything I just mentioned, my sense of peace was returned to me, my intuition validated, and my relationship to nature more in tune with the elements around me. Julia, thank you for your love, compassion, empathy & guidance. I truly hope I can return the favor one day.


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