Your Investment

Reiki Session


60 - 90 minutes 

Releases energy blocks
stored in our body that
impedes energy flow,
which can cause health problems
and negative
life circumstances.

Sound Bowl Bath


30 minutes

Stimulates the immune
system  while lowering
blood pressure and anger. 
Deep Relaxation and
pain relief.  Aides with
chakra cleansing and balancing. 
Calms overactive adrenals while
increasing mental and emotional clarity.

Intuitive Readings


30 minutes 

Clairvoyant | Medium Readings guide us to
“see clearly”.   In all areas of our lives,
we can focus on relationships, family, healing and career.  Child Star Card Reading
included to reinforce the information through spirit.  

Spatial  Cleansing


Beginning at $333

Average 1800 sq ft property
Clears old stagnant energy and realigns the life force energy of your space.  ($50 for each additional 30 minutes for larger spaces).

Crystal RX

Pricing Varies

We will meet to discuss which minerals you need in order to  remove energy, ground ourselves and manifest.   Which can be a call, video and or in person. Time may vary. 

Reiki I & II

Starting at $250

Becoming a practitioner 
July 15th & July 16th,  2023